I am an engineer by profession and work for a multinational. Presently based at Dubai (one of the most happening cities in world) I endeavor to take the world in my stride.



  1. Somehow I stumbled across your blog and I must admit that, although most of your posts are not subjects I generally read about (and you have no pictures!), there is something magnetic about it. After reading your interview I could understand what it was: I am inspired by your vision – a different world!

    • hi! Manjari

      Thanks for your comment and liking my vision of different world; I am sure today’s youth has all the energies and reasons (now) to make it happen.


  2. Hi Pradeep,

    Your blogs were quite useful, especialy regaring the school stuff. I am planning to move my kids from CBSE to ICSE. From your blogs, I understand that you have some experience with DMHS & JSS school. Please advice on the pros & cons of both these schools.


    • hi! Yakeen

      After my few visits to JSS and my experience of DMHS, I can put following good points for JSS as against DMHS

      1. Class strength would not be more than 25 in JSS (DMHS has 29-30). As a matter of fact presently JSS has maximum 20 kids in each class. This ensure more personal attention to kids.
      2. Class rooms are very spacious in JSS as against DMHS. Spacious classrooms particularly in lower grades are better as kids get better movement space and they don’t feel stuffed.
      3. Teachers in JSS are all highly qualified and I understand some parents of JSS that they are very co-operative and best in their jobs.
      4. Fee structure for JSS would be almost 40% of DMHS from April 2010. In my view DMHS doesn’t offer value for money.
      5. Extracurricular in DMHS has been very little, sports are non existent for all kids (selective kids probably get to play sports). Mind well DMHS charges separately for sports like Tennis. I always wondered why when they claim fees is high because they have other facilities.
      6. I myself plan to shift my kid from DMHS.

  3. Hi Pradeep,

    Thank you so much for you comments. I have also heard that DMHS have plans to change the curriculum? Is this true?

    Which school have you opted for your kid?

    Best Regards,

    • DMHS may opt for ISC or IB diploma option like most of the ISCE schools have done. I am for JSS.

  4. Hi Pradeep, its nice to finally find an Indian voice here on WP, talking about India!
    For the past few days, I have been searching in vain for some fellow Indians here. I just read through your recent post about a trip to India & Ahmedabad & real estate.. it was short, crisp & to the point & without pictures too! Well, that’s one thing common in our posts.. the lack of pictures.
    By the way, the photo at the top of your page is absolutely breath-taking. Which place is it?

    Best Wishes..

  5. Oh, just realised that your post is not recent.. its from Dec’2007. Neverthless, it was good to visit here.

    Best wishes from a fellow Indian..

    • Yes, it is old one. My recent visits have only made me wonder where are we heading. Corruptians are taking my country for ride and looting it like never before now.

  6. Hi Pradeep,
    i am from India and have applied for a job in Dubai in JSSIS. Please guide me regarding the salary structure for middle/secondary teachers. i live in New Delhi and have to go to Kolkatta for interview. Please guide me is it worthwhile moving to Kolkatta for the interview. Will i be paid handsomely?
    Also tell something more about JSS.

    Priyanka Gupta

    • Dubai is not very promising place for teachers as minimum basic salaries fixed by government are very poor and private educators exploit this loophole well. Mostly they employ housewives here for teaching jobs. Some more schools are trying to work in different way and may be able to offer better packages. Middle/secondary teachers typically are paid up to AED 10K/month in Indian curriculum schools.

      JSS is Bangalore based education trust with 250+ institutes at various places. They got 2 schools in Dubai one follows ICSE while other iCBSE. They are bit conservative but have got human touch.

  7. DEAR SIR,


    • UAE does offer employment for ELEC engineers and if you are looking at service part of it then it may have better opportunities also.

  8. Hi I read that you are very much in favor for JSS. I am also planning to shift my child to JSS but my concern is they teach upto Grade 9th. What abt 10th and further classes of 11th and 12th?

    • As the school moves, higher classes are added.

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