Posted by: Pradeep | May 19, 2016

MS804 Egypt Air

It is sad day for aviation industry and in particular Egypt. Today morning they lost MS804 over Mediterranean sea while in flight from Paris to Cairo. This is third incidence in recent times involving Egypt. The country has been facing tough times on tourism; the biggest revenue generator; for some time and these incidences are only making the recovery distant for them.

Post MH370 it seems aviation industry has not learned anything. The real time tracking of aircraft systems and position still seems to be a huge cost to airlines. Is the cost bigger than the human life lost in each tragedy? While fall in jet fuel helped industry fill their coffers with huge profits in last one year, a minor expense on ensuring safety of passengers seems no priority to aviation business owners. Not that real time tracking would solve all problems in aviation but at least they would be reduced as some timely actions can be taken by authorities. Seems flying which is wonder for human is turning sour to life!


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