Posted by: Pradeep | April 1, 2014

Malaysian MH370

It is 3+ weeks and the mystery behind disappearance of Boeing 777 aircraft mid-flight from KL to Beijing on 8th March is deepening as days pass-by. After the aircraft lost contact with ground controller, the location has been a great mystery. The events on board post loss of contact are speculative and full of conspiracy theories. The ever changing location of aircraft based on radar / satellite data adds more fuel to speculation and mystery. Yesterday Malaysia changed the last words from cockpit too, wonder how that can happen!

What can be believed in this era of filtered information to general public on any issue which people in high places do not want to share or share in a manipulative manner.

The sighting of debris, involvement of number of countries in search and at turn of sunset every day…returning search team having no conclusive information is frustrating to families of passengers of MH370 as well air travelers. When I take next flight, how I can be sure that it is not meant to disappear by design or fate!

Questions still remain,

if it was hijack – why without demands?

if it was pilot suicide – why 238 more?

if it was mechanical failure – why ‘u’ turn and fly for 7+hrs to nowhere in waters?

if it was control failure – how it flew so much?

how come all signals lost and UK satellite still was getting pings and even after emergency on the issue it was not picked up in time?

While today technology exists even to track a single person on the globe through GPS, why air travelers are left to mercy of age old systems? Today at any point of time there might be 4-5 thousand aircraft in air or movement which is small number as compared to billions of mobiles which communications systems track continuously. I hope there is a conclusion to this mystery and hope it has nothing to do with high places high handed policies! RIP MH370 (until located intact).


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