Posted by: Pradeep | December 21, 2013

Promotions in malls in UAE

Have you ever wondered what happens post we fill in the long forms with name, telephone number, e-mail address, nationality etc. etc. in the so called raffle coupons?

I always wonder what happens post it!

Why there can’t be just a raffle which is computer generated like in lotteries? Getting a coupon picked up from thousands of them really doesn’t give equal chance to all in the game. Most of the times, even the results are not declared in public domain. I had stopped filling the forms…at least my mobile, email doesn’t get compromised and less spam is created. But yesterday again kids thought why not fill coupons at Mirdiff CC…and we did it.

While I read the terms & conditions later, one of the conditions is mind boggling and proves that the whole promotion is eye-wash. The condition reads so

“Winner has to collect the prize in 15 minutes of declaration at 7pm on Tuesday else it shall be rolled over”

Wow, doesn’t it mean that all who have participated over the week should make themselves present at the mall to hear who wins and then rush to claim the prize. What to expect!



  1. These all are strategies to get contact information of clients, nothing else! While having any kind of Brand activation shows, these contacts help to aware masses about the new events and happenings in malls.

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