Posted by: Pradeep | December 17, 2013

Living on edge!

I am very happy that a young city like Dubai has got opportunity to showcase to the world what can be done when there is will and forward looking leadership. We await 2020!

The city does its best to harbor people from world (almost all nationalities). Thoughts of some issues are painful now a days and I presume those would be addressed by authorities in best interest of all.

1. House rents

2. School fees including fees for outsourced activities

3. Inflation on daily use items

4. Cost of doing business

Recent movements on house rents have been not in the long term interest of the community. Inflationary pressure on daily use items is extremely high, for sure efforts to control cost of doing business need more of them. Schooling costs are one major drainer on residents here and looking at what is being talked around, I abhor to think that profiteering is going to be much more in coming academic year. Recently one of the group in education business increased transportation fees (outsourced) citing same reasons which have been handed down so many times till now (e.g. installation of various safety features in the buses).

Authorities do their best here to safeguard common interests but some how the business houses do not get satisfied with common goals e.g. rent council to address issues, economic department to report unwarranted raises, regulations on school fees.

Wish I can see more long term thinking from business houses in line with Dubai’s vision and make 2020 an enjoyable experience for all!


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