Posted by: Pradeep | June 9, 2013

Indian Consulate in Dubai

We Indians do crib about so many things in life, including our government departments. This is second time in last 9yrs I had positive impression about Indian Consulate in Dubai. Due to some technical snags recently the passport renewal process is bit slow and causing trouble to people. When we highlighted our issue to consulate on phone, they willingly processed the application for our daughters passport renewal the same day. Unfortunately the passport came with an error.

When I visited today, within few minutes I could meet The Consul (Passports) and he immediately took the passport, called in a staff member and asked him to correct it and give back. Within 1hr of me leaving the passport with him, I got a call from his office asking me to get it collected.

What more we should expect, the error was acknowledged and corrected with hardly any trouble to me. This is keeping in view that Indian diaspora here demands about 800 passport applications per day from them. I saw The Consul (Passports) trying his best to help whosoever approached him with genuine problem on passports.


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