Posted by: Pradeep | January 7, 2012

Desert Safari

People ask me what is there in Dubai to look forward to when visiting. This place is new and has very little which many other places on earth do offer. But still what Dubai offers, no one else does…The fastest grown city in world in all probability…what Dubai we see today was non existent 8yrs back.

On every visitors agenda should be Desert Safari. This is an activity which definitely is not for very faint heart souls. It starts when a 4×4 vehicle picks one up at afternoon and embarks on the journey. The vehicle catches up to Lahbab Road where the sand dunes are at its best here. Before entering the dunes tyres are deflated to increase vehicle hold and movement on the sand dunes.

Then starts the dune driving where one can keep guessing that vehicle may just topple over or skid down the dunes. The skilled drivers following the marshals do not let anything of that sort happen. As the sunset approaches, a stop on dunes with vast sand around gives a perfect yellow/brown sunset…a sight not to be missed.

Post this the vehicle reaches a camp in desert where food, beverages are offered. Apart from that one would find henna painting, traditional costume dressing, sheesha, camel riding, belly dancing as final. The day ends at about 9.30pm with drop at your pick up point.

I have gone through the experience 4 times or so and noticed it is highly dependent on vehicle, the driver, marshal and camp. In December when I took some of our guests for the experience with one of the well known names “Lama Tours” … the experience turned out the be worst of the all 4 till now. The vehicle has start up issues, it gave us a wobbling ride at >80km/hr speeds on tar roads, driver was novice and he was late for sunset. The camp left too much to be desired, food & beverages had long queues and running out stocks. Traditional dance form of belly dancing was not up to the standards. We left the place early. My guests were still happy as they didn’t know about all above problems. For me “never again” for this tour company.



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