Posted by: Pradeep | October 2, 2011

Haven’t we lost?

This is further to my earlier blog “Will we win?

Team Anna was forced to withdrew without any conclusive result of Anna’s fast at Ramlila Ground in New Delhi. The GoI apathy to put end to corruption monster was and is evident from daily new dosage of corruption pills being put through the common Indian’s throat. The latest to add is involvement of one of the most powerful cabinet minister in 2G scam.

I feel ashamed when our ministers have to rush to their party chief to take shelter or appraise her while they feel no need to appraise the people of India who sent them to Parliament. Team Anna is working on many more issues to be added to corruption issue list (eg Right to Recall / Reject). We see other democracies in world and observe that the accountability the system brings there is much higher than what it is bringing in India. In India people are ignored till next round of elections and people in power feel they are the rulers (aka Kings).

The body language of most of our MPs, MLAs, MLCs, Ministers is that of considering common man a thorn in their way once elections are over. The selective marginalization of society in long run would create great rift between haves and have-nots. The issue of corruption is not being talked of anymore now and people are again back to their routine of living a life at INR 32/day (above line of poverty)!



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