Posted by: Pradeep | June 30, 2011

Istanbul … an experience not to experience ever

This is my third visit to Istanbul in last one year. Somewhere I started liking Istanbul from my first visit itself, the place looked so serene and worth visit. The people in general are friendly, landscape is worth watching and black and marmara sea play the magic to eyes with beauty all around.

But today while I am writing this seating in my hotel room by the side of Black Sea, the pain in the heart is deep and brain is not ready to accept the ugly face of friendliness. I used a taxi from Blue Mosque area to my hotel and the middle aged taxi driver looked so nice and friendly. .. I wrongly read the person. The taxi meter reflected 41TL at the destination. I handed over 50TL note and this cheat driver replaced it with 5TL note within fraction of second and started asking for balance money telling me that I had given him only 5TL note…it was utter lie from him.

He pulled out balance currency from his pocket and showed that there is no 50TL note on him, proving me wrong…the guy didn’t speak English at all and started talking in threatening tone. Not seeing any recourse on my stupidity and being in foreign land, I handed over him another 50TL note and thus lost 45TL (approx 22Euro) to this conman.

Just before writing this, I googled my experience to only find out that this is Istanbul taxi trick to cheat passengers/tourists. Even police reports bring no results to this. I learned a lesson, don’t handover bigger notes to taxi drivers, but give them smaller notes and one at a time; or at least shout loudly before handing over note to them; don’t stop at not so well lit places (like the one I stopped today).

Such actions by people who want to grow to fast by doing too little only brings bad name to places. Like I heard of Nairobory, this is Ottomanary! Sad to find such elements in society everywhere now a days. Even with change in times, such people have become more sophisticated in their operations.


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