Posted by: Pradeep | June 17, 2011

Are Indians for politics only?

For quite few days I have been thinking over the title to my new post; thoughts have been building up and so does the heat within and reasons thereof are importance to us and the globe eventually. While Indians comprise of every 6th person on globe, the actions by us would definitely would impact the world at large in times to come.

Politics has always been a topic at heart for all Indians, old or young, living cities or villages, being in caste system or non-believers, god fearing or law breaking…one and all! Probably it is brought in the blood at first sight of life…me sets in! It is start of great journey to Indian politics…most fail to make mark but many enjoy the Raj system created centuries ago by Britishers to rule us.

Recent developments on anti corruption move by non political figures is also to do something with politics at the end. People elected by us to provide governance for us are today calling us “civil society” and themselves ??? The way in which non-aggressive anti-corruption movements of personas like Baba Ramdev, Anna Hazare are being suppressed and derogatory remarks are being made by our servants in places of position is pathetic. Are we responsible to the government machinery or they are responsible to citizen of world’s largest democracy.

Some cult figures in the game are highly corrupt as the history indicates. They themselves are not free of accusations at different times and still don’t hesitate to point finger to us. I find corruption so rampant now a days that even probably babies would start asking for it before they enter this world…a wild and dangerous thought.

By 2030 world’s 2/3 population would middle class and primarily from Asia. For sure India would have highest contribution to it. Would it be full of corruptions bringing life to stand still?


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