Posted by: Pradeep | April 8, 2011

Will we win?

Not so long ago the world was struggling to find a place to rest from the economic turmoil when youth of today started working on much wanted change in life. The reasons were aplenty;

partisan government policies,

economic unbalance forced on society,

cancerous corruption,

leaders turning into corruptians (corrupt politicians),

inflation with hyper food inflation,

financial deflation of individuals in general (excluding corrupt),

suppressed voice of youth with no or little allowed participation in socio-economic issues, etc. etc.

Tunisians raised the RED flag first and not so long before they saw exit of corrupt and exposure of hidden wealth in various countries. Egypt followed the suit. Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Morocco are not spared of it. Biggies in the region may also end us seeing the difficult times. World is anyways facing brunt of all this by everyday increasing commodity prices.

Going little east, India is at cross roads now with its highly corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, inefficient system, unending scams, little improvement in infrastructure, greed in the Indian Corporate and what not.

The time would not have been more apt than this for one Gandhian to use Gandhi’s philosophy and come forward to lead the path of change for we Indians; Mr. Anna Hazare, a 73-year-old veteran, started fasting until death in the burning sun — unless the government agrees to consider a powerful law that could rid Indian politics of the scourge of corruption. Today I signed to the movement at

I am all available for this movement and if it is not done now then probably it would never be!




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