Posted by: Pradeep | December 6, 2010

Visiting shopping malls in Dubai …

Shopping malls on weekdays and weekends, to shop or to see what Dubai can do…this is part of living in Dubai. Not a weekend goes when we are not out there in one of those shopping harbours doing all its best to lure one to go beyond the windows and reach out for those “mostly made in China” goods. One needs to pay up for all what glitters (even when not gold or diamond)!

Dubai while has very little import duties on goods brought in the country, retailers have huge costs and expectations on returns making same stuff vary from 40 to 100 based on place you shop it from and label it might have been dressed with.

Shopping malls are huge and need one to be physically fit (or I would say regular visits allow you to miss the gyms) to even make one round of them. Add to this, in recent times most of the malls have removed any resting areas available earlier (all those areas now house shopping carts). While you return to your car (if you are moving on public transport then the agony would end only at your house) the dump yourself into the seat, you realise the workout was bit heavy for the day. This leaves no further scope for work for the day. I wonder why it would have been removed now by malls when earlier it was there…probably the thought must be maximize returns for shopping space even the corridors.

Also wonder normally corridors get designed keeping movement and safety of people in consideration…now if I miss my eye ahead for a moment, I am bound to bump into one of those huts selling stuff which only entice you to loosen your wallet for something which is best resisted.

As old malls get frequented by more people, we have this tendency to look for new one which probably would offer better layout than old one; but seems new ones are pre-built only for spending money (and why they shouldn’t be … finally they are shopping malls).

But then what else is there here for recreation or visits?



  1. This post touched a nerve in me, Pradeep.
    The weekend mall routine is sadly, what is becoming of India too. I conciously try to avoid it. But you are so right about the exercise part.. haha! On one saturday, I missed my morning exercise routine but ended up spending the entire day in the mall.. and when I reached home at the end of the day, I was in more physical pain than any workout I do everyday!!

  2. Hi Pardeep,

    This is my first vist to ur blogs! we move to dubai last month n spending over 2odd months here its still very rarly to comment on this city n its life style!
    i agree with ur view abt cost of living in dubai blog n All about malls!

    just wanna say iam impressed by the way you present the topic n feel our opinion do match! do keep up ur writing n all the best……

    pls do share more articals related to our home country n Indian life style!

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