Posted by: Pradeep | November 1, 2010


Middle East and North Africa offer a great blend of culture, climate and people. In pursuit of business, I traveled to Tunis in last week of October. It was a four day visit. Tunis offered great view from flight and weather was nothing less (24/13 degC)! Staying next to Lake Tunis was great experience.

While I flew over countries like UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and then over Mediterranean sea to Tunis. Passing over Aqaba in Jordan

Suez Canal (above), Alexandria (below)

I observed the clouds like mountains (below)

The sights were wonderful. The return journey was even more exhilarating with few more airplanes flying on similar heights in far off distant skylines. I saw some of them crossing us from opposite direction too. As our airplane was descending towards Dubai on return, I could see a line of airplanes becoming airborne and at the same time many  in queue to land. Skies are not empty now a days and so many of man created birds being airborne all the time.

Tunis was wonderful experience and visit to Indian Embassy was another good experience. Commercial department in IE was very happy to help me with all the inputs they could provide for us to look at more business opportunities in Tunisia.

Look forward to visit Tunis again but for tourism next time!


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