Posted by: Pradeep | October 4, 2010

19th Commonwealth Games 2010 – New Delhi

Much has been talked about CWG venues, athletes village, corruption from grass roots, health and hygiene, security threat etc. etc. in last 3 odd months. Some of the old time politicians found this as easiest way to make money, some who probably couldn’t get their hands on to money decided to get fame by defaming corrupt and country.

Is it that world is free of corruption? Corruption index drawn worldwide only states extent of fairness and not corruptness! People started comparing CWG-2010 to Beijing Olympics and South Africa Fifa World Cup. Both these games venues too had last moment rush hour and issues to be managed. It is only that media was curtailed to cover the events. Media in India though considered to be 3rd piller of democracy takes advantage of constitutional freedom to extreme level. This was apparent when they covered and sabotaged Indian Army operations in Taj in Mumbai terrorist attacks.

The opening ceremony for 19th CWG in New Delhi has left all spellbound and in mystique. The main stage in Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

was concept built and inspired by the ”mandala”, a sanskrit word for the geometric designs symbolic of the universe in Hinduism and Buddhism. This stage was built within seven days by about 500 workers. Weighing an approximately 500 tonnes. WOW!

1,200 moving lights, 120 space cannons and 16 follow spots weighing approximately 75 tonnes was what it took to enchant the about 60,000 spectators yesterday in New Delhi. The 25 stacks of speakers produced 500,000 Watts of sound. If I was impressed by the fireworks, it was because of the 2,700 shots spread over 88 locations on the roof of the stadium.
Well, probably the games in next 10 days would prove the people who made noise as wrong; but it is now up to Parliament to bring the justice to injustice done to public treasury by some high ranking corrupt.

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