Posted by: Pradeep | August 19, 2010

Blackberries are black in action too!

RIM sounds like Remove Inner Morals. Today it is known fact that USA has easy and full access to any and all communications/logistics generating or terminating in USA. Even the internet traffic which gets routed through servers (most big timers put in US) gives easy access to US LIAs to take out whatever they want from it any time.

In Blackberry Enterprise Solution (BES), while encryption is being generated at starting points, how does it gets decrypted at landing point? Software provided in devices must have ways to understand it to make it happen, isn’t it? If so, then it means BES decrypting can be done by RIM if they decide so (which RIM has been denying).

Recent government pressures from UAE, Saudi Arabia, India has brought the issue to spotlight again. USA is not in this list does anyway establish that they have access to the code. RIM telling world governments that it would compromise privacy has little meaning when today safety has become prime important factor. LIAs too won’t have time to keep watch on all and every user, they would want to use the technology only to intercept suspects and if technology comes in between ensuring security then better that technology be shut. Technology is to make life easy and not complicate it…RIM needs to understand this in HSBC way of doing things.


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