Posted by: Pradeep | August 19, 2010

Bhopal gas tragedy and US indifferent attitude

It is more than quarter century since Union Carbide plant in Bhopal (central India) had toxic gas leak. This industrial disaster which was very much man made resulted in thousands of deaths at that time and in years followed. Laxity in safety measures and using India as dump ground UC management created this biggest human tragedy.

As of today also the accountability for that event is not established and victims are not compensated. Today BP faces $36bn bill for oil spill in Gulf waters, US seems to be enjoying it. How you get $36bn otherwise in collapsed economic system? While government of India is trying to correct its deeds of past on compensation measures for UC victims, US officials are not hesitant in asking India to restrain. I need a break here! US needs to come off this police role for world. Don’t they realize that today they don’t enjoy the superpower status any more.

If East would not have been saving and feeding that money to US, today US would have been trying to put itself together even to recover from the financial crisis. Life cost of human race is same, at least democracy or people who preach democracy should understand this without doubt. While corrupt politicians from India during 80s would have agreed to large sums in their accounts and little in compensation fund to victims in UC case, the other side (briber) can’t be exonerated of its damn act.  It would be in interest of India and US to come together and act in right spirit and show to the world true meaning of Human Value.


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