Posted by: Pradeep | July 25, 2010

Turkey – connecting Asia to Europe

It is first time I set my foot on Europe continent when I landed in Ataturk, Istanbul. It was short visit and it gave me some opportunity to look beyond Asia albeit still being in Asian country. Istanbul offers magnificent landscape and people. The first impression what I got is the place has all the factors to be in Europe than in Middle East. Openness in society and work is much better than few of the Middle East countries I have visited.

Istanbul is large city with close to 16m population and is land gateway to Europe from Asia. Bosphorus bridge is one of the landmark which connectstwo continents. The city is spread over 100km in length and has water surrounding it either in Black Sea, Marmara Sea or lakes etc.

The only problem I saw was heavy traffic on main roads as they link the city and suburbs together.

Landmarks like Endem TV tower are under construction to accommodate a restaurant in near future. I would love to enjoy my meals there overlooking the vast spread of city.

I couldn’t visit any of the historical sites as such. Only visited Sultan Suleyman Bridge architectured in 15th century by Mimar Sinan. It is almost 600m long built using 40,000m3 of stone. Even today it is standing majestically albeit there is no traffic on it. I understand it was also a connection for Europe onwards in earlier times and Ottoman regime used to use it.

Had opportunity to take the landscape snaps from Taxi. Above one is in Asia on way to Gemlik. Development on Asian side of city is more recent and better organized.

Hot weather was only bad experience as air-conditioning was also not that effective most of the time. But why even 32 degC makes it so hot to feel?


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