Posted by: Pradeep | June 6, 2010

Why states enter into violence to curb voices?

I have become bit irregular in writing off late and this is probably due to passivity in taking up issues which are happening regularly. This doesn’t mean I don’t care but it does mean they have been way of life now a days…bit unusual with me and bad too.

Recent happening in USA (Times Sq – probable terror attack), collapse of EU regime under economic stress (albeit I don’t foresee EU disintegration as such now or in near future), recent air crashes (Poland, Libya and Mangalore) while landing, turmoil of stock markets worldwide, Israel taking tough stand on blockade of Gaza; fraudsters in news all over;

all have only meant something is happening around and world has learned little from its past.

My views are…

Terror gives rise to more terror (all involved need to know this well);

world is integrated too much economically now and rich states either have to be in cocoon or help their not so rich counterparts to keep self survival in place;

economic meltdown must be taking heavy toll on people and human errors under stress is well known fact, pilots too are humans;

while investing in stocks be prepared to face worst mentally and be prepared to remain invested if turmoil comes as one day anyway it would return to normal at the same time avoid getting invested with borrowed money;

I have been following up Israel – Palestine conflict for at least 6 yrs now; is this little time for two societies to come together and resolve the areas of concern amicably; I wonder what the world and world leaders want as I don’t see anybody doing something concrete in intended direction except Israel. I don’t think conflict can help Israel in long term. Territories won’t solve the problem for people but economics would do. Think!

At the same time I feel ashamed when I think that intellectuals decide to kill the opponents in any way (killing on ships to Gaza is not what would bring peace to states involved).

Fraud in hard times is probably easiest way for somebody to survive. I had known somebody through friend circle and that guy in full faith cheated me too; later on I found out that his modus operandi has been befriend, borrow and abscond…the family left Dubai recently to start their cheating business in one of the SEA countries. Does running around solve your problems? Never! But facing them in vigor can!


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