Posted by: Pradeep | April 19, 2010

Cricket and death of morals

Cricket is the game of gentleman, they say so; but over years probably the game has become home ground for money laundering, betting, political drama, muscle minding. Recent happenings in IPL are only going to prove this again. The high drama started with Lalit Modi choosing to disclose share holding pattern of Kochi Team owners and Shashi Tharoor trying to do otherwise.

I wonder why these people chosen by us to be in high position decide to act in most irresponsible manner and malign themselves by doing wrong things. Both sides are using words to counter other to the extent that none is going to win in the end. Shashi Tharoor has lost his position today as expected by me. Albeit it got late by a day at least as PM was travelling.

Do you think Lalit Modi would be spared? It is matter of time till politicians find alternate to him and avenues to safeguard their own misdeeds through alternate means, Lalit Modi would be offline then. Is money the only thing in life that both decided to act in the fashion they have done?

I am happy to be a commoner than being one of those in political melodrama in worlds largest democracy.



  1. My opinion on the whole IPLGate

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