Posted by: Pradeep | February 13, 2010

Education starts with lottery

UAE has large Indian population as expat base (close to 40% of total population). State does not provide education for non-arab expats in their schools. All education needs of expats are left for private education providers to fulfill. While this leaves cost of education issue a major factor in cost of living in UAE, now availability of seats in schools for admissions also leaves a big gap.

This is admission time for kids in UAE Indian schools now and thousands of desperate parents thronging the schools are being left high & dry with so called lottery system, no place boards etc.

Why this artificial scarcity for most important need of human race? Why education is being perceived as business without service? Is it good for states to leave this most important sector for societal development to leave open for businessman?

If even 2m population has to go through this trouble in one of the most prominent country in world, what we can expect from economically not so good countries? Are we not creating society with divide from childhood?



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