Posted by: Pradeep | December 21, 2009

Ensure you never get sick in UAE

It is almost one month I was out of action because of bad health. It started just before Eid holidays with simple fever. No other symptoms were found. First visit to doctor in one of the polyclinics was enough to make me aware about fear H1N1 has instilled in medical fraternity here. I had none of the supporting symptoms for H1N1. Routine blood test and urine tests revealed no infection but fever was not allowing to let it go.

First prescription came with paracetamol to control fever and antibiotics (believe me this was without any firm diagnosis of any infection). This medication didn’t help. A visit to one of the well known specialty hospitals brought about new prescription (after waiting for 1 hour in emergency) with analgesic to control fever and another broad spectrum antibiotics (here too doctor didn’t diagnose anything but took antibiotic route).

5 days into medication with antibiotics and no let up on fever and no other added symptom; shift was eminent to another specialty hospital. First visit to emergency pushed in new blood tests, urine tests. All tests proved negative but seeing no alternative doctor decided to go for even higher antibiotic for next 7 days. Fever during this period kept on returning at regular intervals. Another blood test, urine test and still results are none.

Eventually at 14th day of sickness, urine culture was done and it was found that there was bacterial infection but where NOT KNOWN. All major body parts were found to be in perfect shape and working condition (ultrasound, CT proved all that). Sensitivity test showed that this infection was resistant to all major antibiotics given till that time. New antibiotics were started and eventually at 17th day fever started signs of fatigue.  The case of my body and will was not much different by this time. Mind was almost prepared to take flight to Mumbai and consult the doctors who rely on experience more than fancy test machines.

I am writing today; still grounded at home to recuperate from the loss of strength, will this ever change here. I wonder! They say experience comes at price and hospitals here are only to mint money for self but not for medical fraternity.


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