Posted by: Pradeep | November 3, 2009

Electricity bill takes away your wallet power

DEWA recently got SAP implemented and this shift of systems actually made it difficult for them to raise bills for monthly consumption as regular practice in Dubai. The bills eventually arrived with 38 days billing cycle.

The billing system in DEWA now works on consumption slabs with energy conservation making your wallets heavier on regular basis while more consumption means you pay more. Here is the catch now, with 38 days billing cycle as against 30-31 days for most users consumptions have jumped one slap higher (for electricity 20fils/kWh to 24fils/kWh; 24 -> 28; 28 -> 33).

Logically speaking DEWA should have proportioned this consumption figures of 38 days to 30-31 days cycle as fair practice. Instead they billed consumers at 38 days and this has resulted in nett extra of 1-12% for consumers. As simple for me it increased by 2% as compared to regular billing cycle consumption pattern.

Are consumers to pay for system upgrade of DEWA through such routes?


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