Posted by: Pradeep | October 24, 2009

Service providers in UAE

Have you noticed in recent times that mobile calls drop too frequently, landlines give humming and internet lines keep blinking on connectivity? Have you tried shifting your internet, land line connection with Etisalat with your shift of house?

I have been eagerly waiting for last 18 days for internal transfer of my land line. Regular follow ups with Etisalat call center 101 bring me standard answer “it is in progress”. The executive on other side can’t answer what it means and when it would be cleared. Time frames indicated are “as soon as possible”.

All this at the cost of shifting charges, wastage of money while calling from mobile to land lines within city (land line to land line within city is free otherwise).

When we show grudge against Etisalat inefficiency and monopolistic practices, complaint is recorded and a no. is given but without any actions until few more follow ups are done by customer against the complaint no. too. In my recent experience “which is still in progress”, even regular follow ups and complaints are falling on deaf ears.

I remember this used to happen in India about 20 years back; is UAE heading towards 2 decade old India in customer orientation and service?



  1. Not to mention Du, who if you call takes above 15 minutes to get in touch with the customer service.

    Its very sad to see that even after paying so much for the connections (being Du or Etisalat) the service and the quality are both so bad.

    I am trying to post a blog and have been stuck at it for a really long time because of the connection !! Not to mention blocking of sites. ….

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