Posted by: Pradeep | October 5, 2009

Swine flue (H1N1) – is it real?

It is almost 6 months now swine flu made its presence felt in American continent first. The spread of virus was global within short span of time due to increased world air travel. WHO took little time to declare it pandemic when spread was non-controllable. The virus has been mutating all along and vaccination is still not in sight. Albeit some world pharma majors have been working relentlessly to get the first vaccination hit the market very soon. Why not? Based on WHO guidelines it would be administered to whole world population and that too without any clinical trials or without even holding back the pharma companies for side effects.

This makes me believe that probably H1N1 is a hype created worldwide with vested interests of few. Clearly it is winner on one side that people have kept economy as topic of discussion on sidelines. Pharma companies are making huge profits through new medication, masks and test kits which otherwise were non-existent. These are probably the reasons countries like UAE have decided to do away the testing of any influenza case and straight away go for medication.

Come winter in most of world now and there is going to be definite rise of flu cases as the norm. All of these cases if treated with H1N1 medication would probably create resistance in virus for these medications. If the threat comes true then the same medications would become ineffective.

Advice: precaution is best.


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