Posted by: Pradeep | September 14, 2009

Dubai retailers akin No service

Living in ultra modern places like Dubai bring their own issues. Here in Dubai which boasts of being highest per capita waste generating place on earth, retailers add their bit too. Consumer durables are sold with warrantees but have you ever came across availing those warrantees? Have you faced situation of getting post warranty after sales service in Dubai?

My experience says, create waste rather than wasting time to make use of items again by doing even minor repairs. Retailers offer services from Distributors who have kind of service center wherein first thing that would be asked is AED 100-150 as fault locating fee, labor charges separate, spares prices separate. Spares are anyway priced at exhorbitant levels. The monopolistic business policies wherein each product line is entrusted with one single distributor puts additional pressure on service levels.

It is common for service centers to ask to bring the product to them and also leave it with them for long durations. The way out for most seems to be in unauthorised small repair shops who do it in fraction of cost (against authorised) and immediate basis too.

Why is that there are no clear consumer protection laws and mechanisms in place here? I did made some complaints earlier to consumer protection department but never got any positive response from them. My advice if you are buying here, go for trusted retailers.


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