Posted by: Pradeep | July 18, 2009

Perils of desert – living in Dubai

I am in Dubai for 5+ years and sand storms in nothing new to me. I have seen Saudi cities getting engulfed with red color due to sand storm, asthama patients having bad times in weather change conditions (which normally bring more sand storms).

Yesterday afternoon brought one big sand blanket to give some respite from scortching heat to Dubai residents, albeit it was not a welcome. Around evening things become worst and visibility on roads dropped to few tens of meters. When we letf home to visit some city malls, the main highway Sheikh Zayed Road, which has most of the skyscrappers including Al Burj standing tall along side it, couldn’t even let us see the buildings. Some photos are below

Sheikh Zayed Road on 17-7-9 eveningSand Storm in Dubai 17-7-9


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