Posted by: Pradeep | June 10, 2009

Consortium in education sector

I had read about companies forming consortium to manipulate business decisions in many sectors, first time I am seeing that happening for education sector in Dubai. Uniquely chamber of commerce is taking lead probably based on encouragement from country’s largest private education provider and forming a group to tackle the policies which in all probability which at times may be putting cap on how much profit the private education businessman can make.

Surprisingly there doesn’t seem to be any mention of other stakeholders in the sector, teachers and parents. This again takes me back to basic question if there are no accountabilities for businessman then how come parents are held responsible for paying for fattening school fee and other expenses which are outstripping the general inflation in the country too?

I was doing some analysis recently and found that on a minimum “for profit” education providers charge atleast 100% more in tuition fee alone as compared to “not for profit” education providers and still crib about not reasonable profits. Here in Dubai all are subjected to similar costs with little bit of variation on either side, then where does the money go? Isn’t it that businessman are entering in this noble sector which paves way for development of future of society with only aim of making unlimited profits without any social responsibility?

When providers start flexing their muscles against regulators and dictating policies, it should sound big alarm to governments. What guidelines interms of profits should be made for education sector which directly affects the future of society and is an issue to be handled on top level?


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