Posted by: Pradeep | May 10, 2009

Country of origin tags on Mobiles

It was till late on Wednesday night that I had believed in country of origin tags on mobiles. I purchased new Nokia 6300 from one of the leading electronics retailer in Bur Dubai and specifically asked him for NOT MADE in CHINA. The sales person gave me MADE IN HUNGARY, the box had this tag, the mobile inside had same tag…but alas the supplier did only small mistake of not covering the original tag inside the mobile. I took it back to retailer and the guy promptly took it back knowing that it would cause trouble for them if I make any further statement.

The sales guy asked me to come back on Saturday to get other piece, the story unfolded on this day; MADE IN HUNGARY is just a TAG and mobile is actually made in CHINA only. I took my money back as I found the retailer was using unethical ways to do the business. I went around in 2/3 more shops and found that it was common practice. Finally purchased from one shop who was candid to say that it is made in CHINA only; no other country of origin available for that model.

We as consumers pay premium when it comes to made in European countries tag; while in reality knowing this emotional requirement of customers the retailers in Dubai have embarked on unethical business practices of repacking the stuff with changed country of origin. I suggest all to just ask for Made in China first and inquire for other country of origin, if it is really there then the retailer probably would come out clean…else buy what is there knowing that it is going to be Made in China only…but don’t pay any premium for this.

It is important that companies like NOKIA should out clean on country of origin of their various handsets. I have seen recently Sony not mentioning any country of origin on products which it gets from China…disgusting.


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