Posted by: Pradeep | May 5, 2009

Good governance speaks louder than evil intentions

It was not before late evening on 30th April 2009 that KHDA stepped in with full strength on Dubai Modern High School fee hike issue and stopped the bullying by GEMS. As GEMS had not completed the premises as per the original plan submitted to authority for approval on unnatural fee hike of 90%, KHDA allowed GEMS to shift DMHS to incomplete NAS premises but without implementing fee hike. So far so good, it was small relief for parents but big step towards “fair and equitable” resolution of the issue.

GEMS lamented KHDA immediately after this and subsequently in press and media regularly as biased regulator. GEMS gone on record to state that KHDA has been preventing development of education sector in Dubai and coming in the way of vision of Dubai. It is interesting to note here that till late on 30th April 2009 GEMS had been stating only single sentence that “fee hike would be implemented in these times also because they have approval from KHDA”. As soon regulators tightened the grip on neck of GEMS for not fulfilling the plans submitted by them as basis of approval, GEMS got angry with them.

Since September 25, 2008, GEMS has been misguiding parents and misrepresenting facts to parents and press and KHDA with only aim to exploit more money from parents. It is very important that KHDA takes further necessary steps to nullify the decision it had taken earlier based on “facts and data” which was manipulative and thus intended by GEMS. It is all the more important now as GEMS has clearly indicated that they would not go ahead with Phase 2 of the project which was submitted earlier.

Growth of education sector won’t happen until private sector shows social responsibility and considers the education sector with more humane views. I fail to understand how GEMS intends to achieve 5m students or 5000 schools whichever happens first without involving parents and teachers in their decision making process.



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