Posted by: Pradeep | April 29, 2009

Learn, Aspire, Be … closes tomorrow

It was long drawn road to achieve justice for 1500+ parents of Dubai Modern High School managed by Global Education Management System (GEMS) owned by The Varkey group of Dubai. Today I feel sorry for the state country as it failed to prevent the miscarriage of justice under its nose. GEMS vide their circular today declared closure of Dubai Modern High School from tomorrow at 11:45AM.

What is that GEMS achieved out of this high handed and arrogant approach? Not so sure as yet.

The problem which GEMS created by using smug tactics since 25th Sept 2008 could have been resolved very well in WIN-WIN situation as Parents did offer to agree to fee hike with longer spread of 4-5years  in their first presentation itself. It is GEMS which believed and behaved in a fashion that laws are only to squeeze parents and GEMS is above the laws of land.

Some bodies which were trusted to protect interests and welfare of children (parents) too behaved in manner which would be remembered for long as there is no place for “fair and equitable” solutions here. People with money have power and things favor only them.

DMHS preaches Learn, Aspire and Be … I failed to see any of these words being used in right spirit in the whole issue. Albeit GEMS did prove that they have Learned to manipulate anything and everything here to suit their Aspiration to Be the biggest education providers.



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