Posted by: Pradeep | April 14, 2009


Finally GEMS management has decided to go ahead with their decision to downgrade education as noble profession to a commercial business wherein only profits make sense and everything else is irrational. After struggle of almost 80 days, parents of Dubai Modern High School have been left low and dry by GEMS group in collaboration with regulators (the authority without responsibility to society or school fraternity).

After reading recent news item in Khaleej Times on GEMS founder Mr. Sunny Varkey, it was amply clear that there is no difference in education business and hotel business except that rooms are used for different purposes in both cases. What makes me worried more about the whole thing is the way they shrugged off their responsibility and accountability to society (I don’t know if this word is apt for expat community in this place) to keep few happy.

It is of paramount importance that Parents who are suffering due to monopolistic practices of GEMS do make Indians back home aware of prejudiced plans of this group to expand and commercialize education in India. It is each individual Indian who has to contribute to Indian society at large for good future and I don’t think that making educational institutes in line with hotel business segmentation is good for any society in long run.

Those who are affected in Dubai and want to move away from GEMS group managed schools can check on recent option of JSSIS. Attached herewith dmhs-vs-jssis-fee-forecast-v5 is the possible savings in tution fee for each school going kid with the shift to JSSIS. Please note that all figures in the file are in AED.


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