Posted by: Pradeep | April 4, 2009

Dubai Schools – rated for whom?

On 2nd of April, 2009 DSIB made their finding on 69 schools in Dubai public. The results were in line with what DSIB had been saying all along that there would be few schools in “outstanding category”. GEMS group also fared poorly in the results if one evaluates closely. Except JC all other 7 schools came in Good or Acceptable level. The list of schools is available through following link

While these ratings would be guidelines for schools to increase their fees, it shows poorly on administration of ratings. The schools which are good or outstanding don’t need higher money to keep the good work going but Unacceptable schools if failing due to low income do need more money to attract talent to make schools rise in ratings. Inspection body has ignored this line of thinking.

Most of the schools even when good, acceptable do have comments like “need to improve on”

1. teaching

2. parent communications

3. evaluation system for students at all levels

If above parameters still need improvement how those schools are good or acceptable? Do we expect only outstanding schools to have everything perfect?

Another thing which was missed out while rating is involvement of majority stake holders in the education arena “the parents”. The survey results would highly impact parents financially, emotionally and mentally too but they had no say in the process. Will DSIB improve on this while doing the survey for Indian Curriculum schools now?

Indian Schools cater to larger community base in Dubai and need much better focus to improve on the overall image of Dubai as equally good education destination in Middle East. The recent unjust actions by GEMS groups across schools in Emirates have left parents gasping for breathe while putting question marks largly on the role of regulatory bodies like RERA, Consumer Protection Forum, KHDA etc. I feel until government gets itself involved in the sector as watchdog with focus to improve ratings for “Dubai for Education”, the problems are bound to keep proping up. While healthcare is one sector which Dubai has seen as great way to improve its balance sheet, education can be another if it can establish itself as non biased place which offers education to all at reasonable levels. Dubai can have students travelling from Africa, part of Middle East to enroll themselves for education and even higher education. US, UK, Australia have established themselves as world education centres as they offer great opportunities for education at reasonable levels.


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