Posted by: Pradeep | March 18, 2009

How to measure failure of people who are in position?

Does the post heading sound like looking into too many details to find out the failures? Think not. We live in a world where measures are simple and straight forward when one is on the other side of table.

Look at recent failure of banking sector under the nose of IMF, Central Bankers etc.; failure of OPEC to arrest the fall of oil; failure of real estate sector in Dubai (from everyday burgeoning prices it is cooling its heels now at prices in most areas close to 2004 levels); failure of Indian intelligence agencies to avert Mumbai killings; failure of Pakistan government to eliminate terrorists from its sovereign land; failure of education provider regulator to provide reasonable and equitable solution to Parents of Dubai Modern High School; GEMS management to behave in a manner which would show some customer orientation.

The list is endless and every where one can notice, it is lapse from people in position to reason the future to make present worth living. The regulator could have proved itself as regulatory authority and helped establish that Dubai too does have social responsibility by providing solution in discussions with parties at disagreement. GEMS could have shown maturity by making its customers a party to discussions on operation issues. I operate in industry and have seen whenever you serve customer better and consult customer prior to asking for something; YOU ALWAYS get it. Have I missed something?


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