Posted by: Pradeep | March 6, 2009

Cricket – Latest victim of terror

Pakistan has been at receiving end as far cricket is concerned for some time now. Earlier bomb blast at Marriot during NZ team tour had anyway put Cricket on borders for international cricket in Pakistan. Recent attack on SL team is one of the most heinous act of terror. 

The happy ending to story is Pakistani agencies have been claiming to get hold of the terrorists in short span of time. Albeit for me it leaves many things un answered. If the investigation network is so strong and good; how come Pakistan has failed to nab and provide terrorists behind last year Mumbai attacks? 

Pakistan does need to realize one fact that terrorist have no home they only have house; they don’t work for somebody, they only work for self; money can be major motivation for them and religion is only face to show the world; unsettling economies or creating fear to impact normal economic lives is what today’s terrorism works for. Have we ever seen them attacking economically non-important sites or personalities or games for that matter. Today cricket is big money spinning game. The economic impacts of Pakistan losing the ground to hold 2011 world cup would be enormous. It would be in best interest of people of Pakistan and government of Pakistan to act on this menace fast and with clear directions and show its neighbour and world that it has guts to settle the score with extremists.


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