Posted by: Pradeep | March 3, 2009

Dubai Modern High School – Unity shows exit door to greed

It is 39 days now parents of Dubai Modern High School, Dubai have been asking justice from all relevant authorities and GEMS group in UAE. Albeit authorities have given patient hearing to the alarms raised by Parents body, they have not acted with clear timelines or directions till now.

I feel authorities have been trying to work behind the scene to keep their face to public and GEMS group too. Falling pray to greed of GEMS would be the black day in history for this great country and its people.

Latest is another soft cunny ploy from GEMS group by asking parents to either agree to 44% fee hike in present premises or 90% fee hike for new premises. It makes me feel sick of GEMS group and schools operated by them. They seem to be thinking that people in this country are idiots who don’t understand any basic reality. In the circular GEMS talks about 300% rise in rents; rise for salaries of staff to justify fee hike at present location too. It makes me feel that GoI blundered beyond correction in awarding highest civilian award to a businessman of such low thinking. I am sure my next door hypermarket owner deserves it more than SV.

Outsourcing of school transport in the same buses which have probably no book value and same staff which was on DMHS payroll and extort 300% more money under the disguise of rise in Diesel price etc. is still live in our minds and hearts. GEMS emphasised on their ill intentions again yesterday by increasing school fees by 100-200% in 6 more schools operated by them. I would be watching out for reaction of authorities to this also now.

What makes me feel happy of the situation is that, as parents victimized beyond correction by GEMS over years, showing solidarity and unity to fight the injustice would bring results favorable to parents in the end.


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