Posted by: Pradeep | February 10, 2009

Dubai Modern High School – dumping students education for money

When I picked up Khaleej Times today morning, I found big headline stating “Rush to Millenium” from Dubai Modern High School.

Millenium High school is another GEMS group school with CBSE curriculum. Parents who are left with no choice but either to handover their hard earned money to GEMS management & their nexus or shift their kids to alternative curriculum and that too with GEMS group schools only (as all other schools have already closed the admissions for academic year 2009-10),  have started withdrawing students from only CISCE curriculum school (Dubai Modern High School) in Dubai. All these kids would find themselves at odds with other classmates in other schools now. 

How do you justify the arbitrary way of decision making by education racketeers to leave students in middle of desert without water in scortching heat? What is the guarantee that after some time Millenium High School doesn’t increase their fees by 200% under different heads?Well these kind of experiences would only make one learn the lessons hard way. Come December and other schools would see rush of students for admission from GEMS group schools. 

If GEMS group feel that by not providing justice to this episode they would win; the biggest loss would be they would never see the respect of parents to them again. This episode would also establish without doubt that this place lacks in 

  • unbiased decision making capabilities from responsible authorities
  • social responsibility
  • asian community is always over looked
  • state would never be adopted by expats as it is done for UK/US/Canada/Australia/Kenya etc.


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