Posted by: Pradeep | February 8, 2009

Dubai Modern High School – above UK/US curriculum

Today I decided to run a check on fees prevalent in all 18 GEMS group schools in Dubai. I couldn’t get fees data for GEMS Wellington International School but all other 17 schools data was available for academic year 2008-2009. Looking at only Tuition Fees in various schools; where in

9 schools offer UK curriculum with 13,689 students enrolled in 2008; 

2 schools offer US curriculum with 3,145 students enrolled in 2008;

1 school offers IB curriculum with 56 students enrolled in 2008;

5 schools offer CBSE curriculum with 20,854 students enrolled in 2008;

1 school offers CISCE curriculum with 2,104 students enrolled in 2008;

It is quite clear that Modern High School present tuition fees itself is more than Winchester School (UK), Westminster School (UK), Cambridge International School (UK), Al Khaleej National School (US). Is it that these schools have infrastructure poor than DMHS presently?

If we add up 45% on DMHS for this year and other fees rise on GEMS Royal Dubai School for 2009-2010 then The Sheffield Private School also becomes cheaper than DMHS. Add another 31% proposed rise to DMHS for 2010-2011 then DMHS achieves the distinction of being one of the costliest in town. In the attached document school-fees-in-dubai-gems-group-schools you can see the change in color to DMHS fees structure compared to 2008 (1st page). Green color means cheaper.



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