Posted by: Pradeep | February 3, 2009

DMHS – ethos or egos

Dino Varkey has written one more demeaning piece of paper to parents of DMHS students today. The wording of letter can’t be termed anything less than outright threat. 

Look at some sentences below

“the serious and considered step of relocating Dubai Modern High at considerable cost was taken rather than the alternative option – closure” – when I enrolled my kid last year, I was never told this. Neither I was informed about any relocation in campus. Even when we heard rumours of it and asked on orientation day The Principal ducked the question saying that at appropriate time information would be passed on. Is this the appropriate time?

“The new school built at a time of soaring inflation and pegged fee increases will have cost GEMS AED 240 million when it is complete” – we didn’t advice them to built new premises when costs were soaring.

“if you are preparing to ask for a Transfer Certificate we request that you do this by no later than February 20” – why when school term ends on 31st March?

“We believe that the vast majority of the parent body understand the unavoidable reasons for our relocation and support our decision to continue the DMHS tradition” – who is vast majority? The people who have no time to visit facebook, not come and make themselves stand under social stigma? or who live life of true Asians at heart all the time?

“We understand that there are some parents who plan further protest at the school. This we believe goes against the ethos and culture of this school community as well as the laws of the UAE” – I am sure about school ethos but not GEMS management. Dino you need not make us aware about laws of this land. We have people who have spend more time than you here.

“Finally, may I reiterate that this school faced closure if it did not move to a new site” – Dino why would you want to close it? It is golden hen for you.

Let me share here, not long after this episode you would find another ISCE school in place in UAE.

Remember British had little difficulty in entering and setting up in India as they took trader route, Indians never resisted to them as they found benefit in the relations. As soon British became rulers, India stood up together and they had to leave the country.


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