Posted by: Pradeep | January 15, 2009

Gaza conflict and Arab unity

Gaza is under strike by Israelis for almost 3 weeks now. The innocents are victims of unnecessary wars…it is proven beyond doubt in last 5-6 yrs and more so under Mr. Bush regime and so called war on terror. The selective countries are made target to gain economic advantages under the disguise of this rhetoric on terror. The fact remains USA had little sympathy for anybody if it doesn’t offer any strategic advantage to them. 

Israel has been on killing spreee under the patronage of USA and recent attacks can be attributed to

  1. looming internal elections need some back up for the ruling party to regain power…GAZA gives immediate recognition if they succeed.
  2. last assault under Mr. Bush as it seems he is blood hungry (Afganistan, Iraq are two living examples of death sentence)
  3. falling oil prices does impact oil majors who are primarily USA based; unrest in region gives reasons for instability in oil prices
  4. any stability in region would allow it to develop much faster and reduce importance of USA as a market in long term; causing even capital flow out which is not good for ailing US economy
  5. Israel somewhere wants to continue with its hegemony in the area and defeat in Lebanon was big dent in their status

What is evident in recent days is absence of unity in Arab world on the situation in region. It seems neither anybody is really interested to put the issue at rest for its own interests nor agrees to come together to collectively put it at rest. Today three countries have called for Arab meet on the issue; why they didn’t agree to meet only at one place? Probably everybody wants to show that “I am Big Brother” and why I should attend a meeting under somebody else’s call. In my view this is only keeping the issue lingering without any result. Why Arab states want USA to mediate in their home issues?


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