Posted by: Pradeep | January 13, 2009

RERA dumps residents; EIDA threatens expats

I was reading Gulf News in the morning today albeit I have started hating this news paper for the unprofessional photographic contents it serves now a days. Two articles attracted my attentions;

1. RERA chief says no rent cap in the tough year 2009

2. EIDA says complacency on expat part would cost them a lot

Refering to first article, is the year ahead tough only for landlords? It is widely known open fact that inspite of having caps landlords have been playing with rents for last 3 years now. Not putting the cap gives them clear signal that they can keep exploiting the market. This is more so as the inhabitable houses supply is definitely less than the demand. On the top sharing of large houses between families has been issue of contention with municipalities. RERA could have behaved more responsibily by putting a rent freeze on upward side. Downside is bound to be there when job losses mount and expats start moving out to better locations in near future.

Second article is nothing but a threat in bad taste. I submitted 7 forms to Empost on 30/10/8 and still await smart forms from them which I need to take to EIDA centre for completing the process of registration. Empost has charged hefty AED 40 for each form and now they are just not responding even after 2.5 months of submission of forms to them. All efforts to get feedback on status of those forms from Empost has hit the wall. I feel cheated on this matter. If Empost was incapable enough of providing the services they should have not done this. I could have completed the registration by now.

On other side EIDA has failed to meet the demand in terms of registration process timing. They couldn’t even complete the process for Emaratis in time and have extended the deadline by 3 months for about 100,000 remaining. At the same time the process was going on for them for more than a year now. For professional expats the process started hardly some time back and rather they pulled the time lines ahead. The so called extention of 2 months on timeline is nothing when you look at numbers which are to be completed. Appointment system has been dismantled and expats are not allowed on Saturdays to register. It means one has to spend one working day to get the documentation done. I still fail to understand what information EIDA is seeking through this process as all details requested are available with Immigration, labour office, E-gate card etcs. There is something called social responsibility and I believe in that. I think EIDA should look into the reseason why expats are unable to finish the process before threatening them. I am willing to spend whatever time is needed to complete the process; where are my forms? Why Empost doesn’t give it back or apologize to me in writing and return my money?



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