Posted by: Pradeep | December 25, 2008

Tenancy contract registration in Dubai

In latest move to generate further revenue, one more Dubai government department, Real Estate Regulatory Authority (Rera) has made mandatory for tenants and landlords through an advertisement campaign to register tenancy contracts online from January 1, 2009, to develop a comprehensive rental index that will help it to evaluate and regulate the market better, with a Dh100 fee. The reasons stated behind this move by head of department are well sugar coated.

1. One of the claims is it spells the end of landlord-tenant disputes

2. Will help Rera gauge the rental market in Dubai fully

3. It can help in making the rent payments in more installments as against 1/2/4 cheques presently.

Well, Rera has been making statements for regulation and more transparent information on Dubai rentals for last one year without any such information being made available. It seems they had been making claims to deliver something without even knowing what is really happening in market. On the top, collecting information and then disseminating it to present makes little sense for tenants. It shall only help landlords in skewing up the things further.

What measures governments have taken for making market realistic for tenants in past? It is difficult to even talk to landlords now a days as greed has surpassed the social values. I don’t feel charging fees of AED 100 for collecting information makes any sense to we tenants.

Further to this, there is ambiguity prevalent in the process. The FAQs document on site states that Property Agents, Landlords are only required to register the contracts. Prior to one getting the login access, they have to go through the training which would cost near to AED 2000 extra. I presume we as individual need not bother about this. You can access the website at


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