Posted by: Pradeep | December 13, 2008

Time for Pakistan Government to act

I have been following the recent inhuman terror carnage in Mumbai which left hundreds dead and even more injured. The economic impact of it is brushed aside by Indians by standing together in solidarity. Albeit economic meltdown does has impacted the corporate sentiments on large scale in last one month.

India has been maintaining in world forum for at least 2 decades on earlier state sponsored terrorism from across the neighbouring borders. It has been reeling under the vast devastation at different times and bleeding internally. It is resilience of Indians which kept the terrorist’s larger interests at bay. Kashmir is living example where people are still suffering from terrorism. Punjab lived life of only day light for almost 15 years during terrorism.

What the other side gains out of such pseudo war on world’s largest democracy? Is this war not to hide self frustration of poverty? Leaving the past behind is need of today, as this monster which various states in world fostered for their so called pseudo wars, are today have to be face to face with them. When Pakistan president calls the terrorist non state actors, he is absolute right in doing so. Today terrorist have no states but they have only economies to rule and ruin. They rule underworld, money laundering, black marketing and all acts which states term as illegal; at the same time they work to ruin economies for self benefits. It is surprising that most of the time they give name of Jehad or fight for freedom to these acts of selfishness.

Has anybody gained from acts of terrorism till date? USA sponsored today’s Taliban to fight against USSR; Pakistan did this with many groups to fight India, equally many other states did to make revenge on others. Today all of these states are on receiving end too. Pakistan is itself not spared from its own bad deeds of past. Pakistan is facing rampant bombings. The effects are far reaching; Pakistan is off from the point of the Cricketing teams from across the globe, people have to leave in constant fear and rejection.

It is time for Pakistan to get rid of all these non-state actors who have made Pakistan soil as their launch ground. By doing this Pakistan can regain one of the largest market as their good neighbour for Sugar, cotton, textile. It can get good help from EU and USA in developing its people. But all this needs politicians to rise above politics and show the guts to act. If it doesn’t happen now; they would end up paying heavily and leaving a not so good legacy for generations to come.


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