Posted by: Pradeep | December 2, 2008

Raj Thakarey – where are you?

Marathi Manoos died in the recent terror attacks on Mumbai. I am surprised to see that the custodian of Marathi Manoos is absconding from scene everywhere. Raj has been talking too big for some time now. I am sure he must be hiding in his bedroom and trying to find out reasons to give to public on his next appearance.

How he would counter Indians laying their lives on the floor to save same Marathi Manoos?

These mean politicians need to realize that they are there because of public and not that public is there because of them. If all these politicians like RR Patil, Raj Thakarey, Prakash Karat, Naqvi, Atyuchanand, Vilasrao etc. want to save themselves from public ire then they better go home and hide like Raj Thakarey.


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