Posted by: Pradeep | December 2, 2008

CPM proves it again

Kerala Chief Minister Achutyanand proved today again that politicians only work for themselves and not for country. He spared no words to de-mean Major Unnikrishanan’s family by using indecent words for not letting him in to console.

Allowing somebody to come and console is personal matter, by being in position it doesn’t become ones right. Does Kerala CM understands this? NO.

CPM has never lived for people of India they carry an agenda which is always against the people of India. Kerala and West Bengal states have suffered and are suffering due to lacklusture policies of CPM. Prakash Karat can’t absolve themselves by saying that we regret the wording of CM’s statement. Mr. CM get out of your security cardon and mix with people and be the first in line of fire when need arises if you think you can do any service to your people and society.


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