Posted by: Pradeep | November 27, 2008

India at receiving end of Terror Attacks

Yesterday night when I switched on the TV set to get brief on days happening from news channels across the globe…I got the rude shock of serial, master planned terror attacks on innocents in Mumbai. The targets were again the haute places in the most happening commercial capital of largest democracy in world; India. In first of kind terrorist attacks bullets & granades are used instead of time bombs. It is like calling guirella war on India.

I fail to understand what this anti social elements are looking for? What they want to achieve out of this is probably causing instability in the economic prowess of India. During this tough times also India has shown high resilience to economic turmoil within the country. But I warn these anti social elements and assure them that they would never achieve what they want from such activities…WE AS INDIANS have come over times which were against us and neither in our control many times. Resilience is in our bloods and when we decide we make it happen. The day we decide to wipe out the bad elements from society, USA would also say that they had never imagined such war on terror. As long we strongly believe in PEACE and Harmony in society, live upto it and be in mainstream.

I believe that these attacks are out of frustation and we have all the energies to make the attackers even more frustrated. Either we will wipe them out now or they would commit suicide out of frustration.


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