Posted by: Pradeep | November 2, 2008

Pizza Hut – Best to avoid food from them

Pizza Hut in UAE is managed by Americana (Kuwait Food Company). I couldn’t locate UAE as country on Pizzhut site, probably because it is managed by company from Kuwait/Egypt.

Ordering food with them is dangerous if you are strictly vegetarian or have some particular preferences. Today along with my order of vegetarian meal they sent non-veg rolls in the same box as garlic bread. These rolls came without any prior intimation to us. This is inspite of we informing that we need only vegetarian food.

Later on I came to know from my colleagues that this has happened in past also. This clearly means that PizzaHut doesn’t follow instructions and hygiene standards in particular (if you happen to visit PizzaHut, Jebel Ali outlet, you would see flies all around, dirty tables etc.). My advice better order from some other place if you want Pizza only.


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