Posted by: Pradeep | November 2, 2008

Partitioning India Again

We have been reading and watching Raj Thakarey doing all the nasty tricks to lure the Marathi Manoos to commit the horrendous acts of voilence against fellow human beings … civilized world calls it mob lynching and genocide. The recent upsurge in voilence against non-domicile Maharashtrians (I prefer to call all who migrated to Maharashtra for business this way) by domicile and docile mislead Maharashtrians is another way to partition India again. 

Till 60s we kept talking partitioning based on language and today it has changed direction to place of native. I am Maharashtrian domicile as per Govt of Maharashtra rule but basically from Haryana; I know better Marathi than probably many other native Maharashtrians; does it make me any less Maharashtrian. Forget all this, when we are ONE nation, I am only Indian and nothing else. Those who differ on this, better find other place than India to live (Raj you are sure case for migration out of Maharashtra, only I wonder if somebody would accept you). Indians are very tolerant at heart and always believe in giving second chance to anybody who commits blunders…this is your second chance to stand up to Indians and serve the cause if you want to be leaders. Tomorrow you would find yourself in isolation as elections get over and you won’t be able to find a place for solitude also.

Here me-marathi-by-shoba-de1you would find what another Indian Shobha De has to say on this drama.

Surprisingly I have not seen any single Indian come forward and support Raj Thakarey on his adventures. But not coming out in opposition also means supporting…isn’t it?


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