Posted by: Pradeep | October 30, 2008

Saudi Visa in Dubai


If you are travelling to Saudi Arabia and need to apply for visa at Saudi Arabia Consulate in Dubai then read this. The documents required for visa application for UAE resident are;


  • Visa Application form
  • Original passport and a photocopy
  • Two passport size photographs with clear background
  • NOC Letter from Employer in Arabic.  NOC letter should also mention the duration of visit, for which the visa is required, and whether it should be single or multiple entries.
  • Trade licence copy of your company in UAE and inviting company in KSA.
  • Invitation letter from your inviting company in Saudi is required as follows. For male traveller holding UAE Residence visas with a Manager’s designation require an original invitation letter attested by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, KSA. For those holding any other designations on their UAE Residence Visas as well as for all female applicants, the visa approval has to be obtained from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, KSA. Invitation letter should also mention the duration of visit, for which the visa is required, and whether it should be single or multiple entries.


Normally it takes 3 working days to get the visa. Agencies like DNATA travel services provide visa assitance and charge about AED 200 as processing fees. The consulate can be reached at +971 4 3979777.



  1. thanks for the info!

  2. thank you for sharing. But do you know if this procedure is also applicable for non-resident of Dubai? (such as a visitor in Dubai willing to travel to Saudi). Anyway thanks:)

    • I don’t think the consulate here processes visas for non-residents.

      • Thank you.

  3. Saudi visit visa agent is Dubai : Dubai Services. Tel : 04 3966619. Fax : 04 3966909.
    E-mail : and

    • Dubai services (Saudi Consulate’s outsorcing agent for Vicit Visa) Manager’s mobile contact number. Mr. Mohammed – 050 5283171. E-mail :

  4. Hi.
    Thanks..this really gave me a clear picture. Just one question, is it necessary for Women who wantsto to travel to Saudi Arabia for business purpose need to have their husband or fathers accompanied with them or they can get a business visa if the sponsoring company has the visa approval from Minitry of Foreign Affairs.
    Does designation matter for women travellers if want to travel on business.

    • Frankly no idea…never came across business woman travelling to Saudi Arabia

  5. Hi,

    My boss, an Indian national working as Sales MAnager in Dubai will be visiting Saudi ealy next month.
    His residence visa will expire in June 7 2012.
    Would he still be able to travel to Saudi even if his UAE visa is less than 6 months valid?
    Plese help.

    • I don’t think that is a problem. Saudi visa is to be pre-arranged. Six months validity for UAE visa applies only for visa on arrival cases.

  6. i have uae employment visa and i also need ksa employment visa so can i apply for saudi permanent visa or not? because i want to keep both visas.

    • I think it is allowed as long employers allow.

  7. I recently made a trip to Saudi with my wife and two kids to visit my brother in Riyadh. My brother was sure that the document he would be sending was a visa but the consulate and typing centers here said that the document was only an invitation. My brother has formerly sent the same document for my mother’s visit from India and also for his father-in-laws visit and insisted that it was a visa. But as I later realised it is only an invitation.
    Later I submitted the following:
    1. The invitation letter
    2. Our passports
    3. No objection certificates from my employer and my wife’s employer
    4. No objection certificates for my kids. (These were signed by my wife as she is their sponsor)
    Then two days later the typing center called and said they also needed the following documents for processing the visas for my wife and kids:
    1. Marriage certificate
    2. Birth certificate of the kids.
    Then three working days after submitting these documents the visas got processed.

  8. I have uae resident visa and i would like to visit Saudi to visit my relatives?.Can i apply for Visit visa? if yes what is the procedure

    • You can apply for visit visa based on invitation from Saudi.

  9. it seems that saudi consulate have changed the rules for processing Business visit visa and appointed Tasheel and VSF for processing the documents and finger printing.
    does anyone have any idea what is the present procedure for obtaining business visit visa and Umrah visa??

  10. Hello! I am on Dubai resident visa & have a Saudi resident visa, issued on Mumbai agent name for visa processing .But i would like to get my saudi resident visa processed in dubai. Please let me know if this is possible & documents to submit..

    • Well normally they don’t entertain visa/invitation issued to other consulates but sometimes if requested they can.

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