Posted by: Pradeep | October 30, 2008

Indian space mission

We have grown up reading epics like Ramayan and Mahabharat which depict time travel, space travel, star wars and many other scientific feats. Are all those true? Did those civilisations exist in history some time? If yes, what made them disappear and take away all the knowledge? Today’s developed nations also don’t have all those things with them. I believe that Indians were far ahead of time. I also believe in memory lapse with time. Probably that is the reason Indians lost the knowledge with civilisation disapperance. But none the less memory lapse doesn’t mean loss of knowledge in real terms with time it can come back.

Chandrayan (the moon spaceship) is what Indians built on their own at migre budget of US$ 700mn as against what NASA has (US$ 16bn). India is the only developing nation in the world to achieve this feat and that too at lowest costs. This opens up one big market for India after IT, textile etc. 

One might think why India needs this when they have millions going without proper sanitation, food or requisite infrastructure. I say we need this to prove to the world that when we decide we do it and we can do it. Another thing this would bring revenue to the government and eventually help us improve our pitfalls. In my view USA helped us a lot by imposing restriction on space and nuclear technology transfers in past as it gave us reasons to tinkle our little grey hair and brain cells to get the knowledge back to table which we probably misplaced centuries back.


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