Posted by: Pradeep | October 30, 2008

Environment and UAE

Dubai has declared year 2008 as Green Dubai year. Being in sales & marketing function and catering to industry for energy & environment solutions, I have been working on many initiatives to help Dubai become green. Solar energy is one of the area in focus with lots of solar energy available in the region. None of the projects have got materialized due to cost factor. 

What I see in the Green Dubai drive is that it lacks support on financials from concerned and everything is left to residents and Industries to manage on their own. The lack of concern can be seen from all better environment drives. One of the drive is reduce plastic usage; it is going tangent as supermarkets have seen this as opportunity to make more money by charging for plastic bags (GEANT) and making them thinner so that they are not reusable (when India went on low plastic usage drive about a decade back they enforced that plastic bags would be made thicker so that they can be reused many times).

There is no culture of carrying shopping bags here as we have in India and that is one of the reasons plastic bags are must. It takes time to change the habits and charging money to make the changes is one way of exploitation which is rampent in this part of world (unfortunately).

Gulf News went ahead with great drive to distribute jute bags to help people get closer to reduce plastic bags. This should have been done by shopping malls instead.

Today I was reading and noticed that UAE is topping the world on polluting environment also. It has 9.4 Global Hectre foot print per capita; the highest in world. How do I reduce my foot print? I embarked on that journey long back with cut in power usage and water usage; reusing plastic bags was always in place for me.


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